Real time Projectwork: Carbon Economy and Unsustainable cooking
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 03 September 2014 at 12:34 AM

Among different stage of my #climatechange project work this is a funny moment which concerns the subject. Today I had my program to finish 2 from 4 new painting. So I put three corns to the pan to boil it and came to work. Any ideas what I founded a little bit later?..

People ask me why I didn`t smell smoke?

First of all, I was working. If an Apocalipse came I didn`t mention it. All I hear is music by Ramin Djawadi and my terrible ringtone (hundry cat voice). This is the way brain concentrates efforts and make selection from thousands of stimuls.

Second,it is smell of benzine, parafin, acryl, fragrances I burn for Buddha, so I  open the window and keep my head out of scent.

In short words, when the black color finished I felt something missed and came to the kitchen to seek something eatable. I founded all kitchen in smoke and a strange black pan I didn`t recognize as my property. The pan is as black as teflon. No ideas how to clean it although it is not the first such a disaster it experienced.

When I opened the cover of the pan it was something with strange colour inside, flying in clouds of smoke.

Ok, said I for myself, the one side of the corns is carbonized. As an irony it perfectly fits the subject of my current work, post effects of Carbon Empire.

So I have my own carbon Empire right in my pan and at my dinner plate.

Although one side of my meal was perfectly carbonized, three siides was cooked.

What do you thing I did with it?

I was hungry! So I ate it trying to avoid black sides.

The taste reminded me how Greeks cook corne on coal. Not so totally burnt but a little, so I had my dinner remembering Corfu. Not bad! smile

When I had put the black pan to wash it I founded the color of it isn`t black. it is a beautiful mixture of deep blue, brown, silver, grey and a little black. It was so beautiful so I made several pictures for it. May be it will be useful for project purposes.

Now I just want to mark this funny case.

Hopes I will be able to wash my pan for tomorrow, it seems I need to be Cinderella for it.

So, symbolically I am deeply inside the subject, carbon economy, carbon cooking, carbon meal, so it`s OK, I am going back to my  work.






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