Surf artist`s feelings from a witness inside
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 17 May 2011 at 07:37 PM

The way of art is misterious stream from infinity possibilities into facts. This is no words, no doubts, and no interrupts. Even if an artist stops the process don`t, it is breathing, moving… borning.

*more pictures below…

I feel the seed idea itself, but this is no words to describe it. From one source it flows, it contains colors, movement and sound one time; and this is no differencies between it. We have no true words to describe it in common language, because it needs a special words and language such as Sanscrit. And even in Sanscrit this is no 100% congruence between a word and a heart of idea itself. Light, sound, color and movement exists without a time, without a reason as waves of an ocean. It go on and go on. And then it breaks into small ideas as waves breaks on underwater stones. And it covers me the same way ocean waters covers seashore.

And then I transmit it into different objects. You can see several here:

 Feeling it I can understand many things the same tims, this is my base all time I work. As it floats sometimes I can`t breath and must stop breathing to feel and transmit it better, even to control my body and mind. But this is the moments of soul breathing as I jumpe from a stone into green clear waters of corfian sea… And next moment I can breath and paint, and then the cycle repeats.

That thing made VanGogh and many painters crazy. They was poor guys… and they drowned. In contradistinction from them I use Yoga, Pranayama and logical discipline to keep my mind healthy and live human life… and feel the Universal Source, and then paint. Trying to fix such fine quality, the identity of movement, colors, sounds and light, I invented my style and my new technigue.

After several hours, sometimes 10-16, I can stop and see the result.

I think the Air Signs are more logical in their way of thinking, and they seem to ponder over how they feel before actually discussing it with others. Gemini from the three seem to be most emotional, at least from what I have witnessed. They are “blurters”, and oftentimes will just spill out their feelings without thinking, which can make them seem more emotional than Aquarius and Libra. Also, they have the Mutable factor.

The printing technologies spread quickly, which led news, articles and books to travel around Europe at a much faster speed than before the printing press was invented. The discovery of the printing press helped in the scientific revolution.

It’s unbelieveable how often something will go wrong with a printing job, so replacement parts and tools are a factor. I’d say labor, paper, and ink are really your main costs of teh actual printing.

I want to work in photoshop but I don’t know how to explain this to my parents. My mom barely knows how to use a cellphone, not to mention a computer, it’s like an alien space ship for her, all my dad can do on a computer is download and play games and surf the internet a bit.

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