Sustainability, Happiness, Lunar New Year video
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 02 February 2015 at 09:52 PM

Hello everybody, I am back home from UK and spent a day to acclimatization. My god. A whole day without productive work, just copying matherials from laptop. So, let`s touch some positive energy from my upcoming video:

Symbols is the deep rooted language of collective subconsciousness. This is the way our brain works making targeting, creating new approachs, founding the best way from our past to future. That`s why this is a lot of symbols in my Happy-New-Lunar-Year video. Even the color in meaningful: deep red, orange, lively red, energy white. And hierogliphs "happiness" in many styles. For example, on that screen you can see a lot of "happiness" hierogliphs made in old style, and the big one in modern style on the centre of peony flower:

Peony flower is the emperor of flowers carrying meaning of growth, carrer, respect, success.

The final part of the video dedicates for prosperity. Sustainable future means good income, stable and flexible to personal of business needs. Who want to own treasures digged into deep forest or on Treasure Island? This is not useful to make life.

That`s why the good flow of money is much better to make good adaptation in our time of changes. So in the video I made exectly the flow of values represented by gold coins and a fan with "happiness" hierogliphs which makes waves to make money-stream:

That gold coins carry the Year signs, Goat or Sheep:

Some more:

I made two streams of currency in the video, from left to right represents our work results, and vertical flow from heaven to earth represents giifts, fortune and anothers sourses.

So, the lvideo was designed according to FengShui  practice: to make happiness and prosperity it needs to be oriented to have it, to be syncronized, to be positive. Let`s be positive, friends!





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