Sustainable Development: Knowledge Management
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 21 April 2014 at 12:22 PM

We live in informational era. This is the blessing, this is the curse because of too many facts, fictions, opinions, declarations, claims, adverts etc are floating around, knocking into our mind. So the most important thing is to divide right from wrong, constructive from destructive.

This is the way of sustainable development: to create new system of knowledge, flexible enough to use information in creative way, protected enough to be safe from destructive forces. So the first task is to gain it is to organize all information in new clusters, new neuro network, suitable to use it in time.

This is ther eason I pay so much attention to organize datas. This is nothing interesting just to read a book in order to spend unexpectable free time. I prefer to create something or just to meditate instead. But choosing a sourse of information I strongly chek it structure: is it a golden mine or a kind of one-moment scrap-heap of common facts, useless tomorrow.

Sometimes I see a strange agglomerates of information which takes my attention. it is no clear from the first view what a trreasure of knowledge can be hidden inside. So I start to make a kind of digging and invest my time to it.

That example show how I investigated Mahabharata teaser. In 2 minutes it was incredible density of information which is unusual so I desided to put everything in a kind of conspect. Plans and scenes, one by one… as I knew the original Mahabharata well enough to understand characters and circumstances, I was charmed with such huge density of information.

I started in order just to sketch some features concerns movie directing, then I realized this is a golden mine of information and drew every scene.

It was 96 different scenes in 2 min tieser.

From less then 1 sec to 10 sec each, full of dynamics. I was charmed how  the information of original saga was packed in special effects, camera movements, color of scenes, movements of characters. I founded how they created new message inside the ancient one. It took from me about 2 hours to make the conspect of 2 min introduction movie and I enjoyed every moment of it.

Now several words how to create sustainable informational clusters in own neuro network using the example of my conspect.

At first I had just the strong feeling this is something worth my attention. No ideas why, except I love Mahabharata and the old movie. Sometimes such feeling is the best compas, the same as captain Jack Sparrow had.

Then I started to make a draft conspect to investigate my own intuition. I was ready to make a part and stop in case the feeling comed down. But I founded much more then expected. It was still no clear idea how to use it, but it is not so nesessary in such cases. So I did the full conspect.

At the first page I wrote just the scene, character and camera movement.

Than I founded much more important information and did some notes. Then I founded the colors of scenes changes so it was a kind of information insode. I made notes about it too.

Then I marked the endurance of scenes because I realized it was important too.

The title of the movie appeared here and there, so I marked it too, with the particular place it occupied at the scene.

This example represents typical development of a project. Starting from deep feeling of perspectives, then collect information. then found better way to collect, then make special notes to analyse, and at the final stage it will be clear what shape the future project can  be.

Some words about the process.

Several times I was so tired, near to drop the conspect. But the feeling of importance drove me.

Now I have 4,5 pages conspect consists of 96 scenes with full description. I realized it as the best support to my future activities with movies.

At the end I made all conspect together and signed it t make sure I didn`t forget the exectly date and several small things around it. So it repreents a kind of self discipline towards drafts, sketches and others work information. This is really good to construct new activities using previous works easy and quick. So I made notes by hand for all progect although I have several laptops and planshets around.

The conclusion: as we want to construct sustainable development, all nesessity information should be organized the same sustainable way.

Thank you for your kind attention, I hope this example can be helpful for you.

Now I am going to paint Adizes Corporate Lifecycle: Energies dance.






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