A Hidden weakness we have to know
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 19 January 2011 at 03:32 PM

Many persons accustom themselves  to act, to realize many projects non-stop and to feel their business as the main part of the life usially don`t recognize ilnesses until they fill a strong signals of their bodies. As a typical workagolic I forget about everything during I work and so usially fill a disease only by pain, or temperature, or if it is injure (tipically in gym or in the kitchen).  Now I stant in front of the fact this is not the right way and so I must change my mind about the bodycare.

It was a big tideness, sometime felt as a body depression and loss of enegry prevented me from start of my new projects I considered. It was no refreshness after the rest or sleeping and no enthusiasm even for yoga and of course for big painting. I`ve realized the reason in my blood test  and this is the real thing I need to correct. My thyroid gland has an ideal structure but doesn`t produce enough hormone and this is the answer for everything. Now I learned that the ilnesses could creep quietly and show itself not directly but by implication. AS I desire to paint all of my thoughts I need to learn how to care the body and be responsive with it.

Well, today is the second day I have my medicine, have a lazy morning and now I`ve started a new seria of paintings. Long live health!

Long live arts!


Really looking forward to read more. Really Cool

Well, I too experience that sometimes. The lost of interest to do those things I’ve been loving to do.

I just started it, I wasn’t sure I’ll be able to do it after all.

While there are a variety of these items to choose from, each option will come with both advantages and disadvantages.

Have a lazy morning too!

Don’t stick to only one thing. About changes. It will help you compare and see the most effective ways.

Have a lazy morning

Haha! That’s great secret open. I really surprised to hear the eye open sounds. It was quite so long interesting. Thanks!

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I think after our 30s we should go periodically to doctor, yearly check to avoid such quietly diseases like the thyroid one.

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