The secret of effectiveness: Refregirator-Motivator-and-even-more
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 19 June 2013 at 02:57 PM

All we really have is our time. You could buy many things, but time is unstretchable one and all we could do is to use it more effective. My kithen is the place I cook, make tea ceremonies, meet friends, listen music and so I try to organize everything to work for the best. Even my refregirator has the additional function!

The front side with door in something like iconostasis. Because things I love I want to have in fromt of me, near my eyes to browse across. Being a Buddhist I draw, paint and even made sculptures of Buddha, his statues and images made me calm, meditative and so more productive. Indians gods are attractivebecause I know their symbolism, meanings and also the images is so beautiful I prefer traditional forms because it represents deep equilibrium, but modern interpretations is not bad sometimes.

The bead-roll at the left side was put here because it made something in ahmosphere to the picture in total.( It`s anothers I use for meditations and pranayama practice.) I hanged the bead-roll on Capricorn magnet so it`s a massage itself, because Capricorn has long planing and gain everything making step by step up to the top of a mounting, and never give up. It`s about me.

Also I put here several magnets from Rerich museum because I love how he paint mountings. Tiger is my favourite animal so it`s several here. My painting "The Ideal Manager (PAEI)", now belongs to Dr.Ichak Adizes, has another name "Integration". Integration is the function of God. So here is the right place for it!

Also I put on the door one magnet poster with China style painted mountings and picture of tea. Because I like that poste and could see it while I drink my own tea.

On the bottom you can see a plastic with peony, my friend presented it. I love peony and it`s symbol in China culture so put it here to have a glance from time to time.

And now you can ask me: what is the function of so different things?

Yes, the function exists. I put everything in right order so I can started to think by images while I browse through it. It`s a message and motivator, so my refregirator works with me smile !






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