The Sign of the Top
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 08 August 2011 at 04:41 AM

Today was an amazing day. Anila from Liapades brought me to Lakones - the village on the top of the mounting. The view was fantastic - this words are extremely poor to describe the real picture. From the top of the mounting I saw all our seashore,  includes  points I visited yesterday and points much more distant.

Everything was in veil of wet air but details was visible… Although it was far away from us, may be more then 10 km, it seemed as if I could touch white small beaches, and tiny boats  scurried in deep blue water with their tails of waves. I felt the same experience in my dreams and meditation as if I am both in two scales, two places: at the top of the mounting and on the beaches. One time I was the observer from the top saw everything, and also I was involved in movement as the part of the seashore - snorkeling, enjoying waves, playing with fishes. This is very special experience, being in the edge, being both.

But not the strong thing I saw in the entrance of the taverna. Greece is the ortodoxal chourch country but suddenly I meet the sign elder then Koran, elder then Bible, elder then Kabbala. Aumm sign ( ) was the part of the picture designed the window of the taverna:

The same I am wearing.

Excellent web page. I like your posting comments system.

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