Waiting the moment when lady-bugs will growth to fly
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 03 April 2014 at 09:11 PM

People have own preferencies about what moments feel easy, full of energy, and what moments are hard to live. The most complicated thing for me is to wait. I am waiting now.

The 3-stage Sustainable Development project delayed, so I have to sit and observe how people will behave to check how to arrange future project better way. It is not easy, because I must put half-ready project vision beck to deep subconsciousness in order not to be burdened by it. So the project is put deep down. I am waiting, having my time to change several things for future life. For example I feel this is the moment to construct new paradigm for normal living for the next periog, about 5 years. The same way I become vegetarian and yogin 8 years ago. Time to change the whole system for the next to prepare restruction carefully in sustainable ecological way.

I am living normal life, no mind mapping, easy.  I am not exciting about such style, but this is the nesessity of time as I can see it.

When lady-bugs will fly, I will know what to do.





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