Innovation in art: Genuine Profiles
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 03 October 2016 at 05:52 AM No comments

Art in general is about to found new ways and new tools to make changes for better tomorrow. To make new branches and new businesses blossom it needs to prototype a new road, includes new philosophy. Genuine Profiles applied in 2014-2016 are the examples:


Science and Art has a lot of similarities, especially about to develop new ways. The same way as LCD monitors are different from old fashion ones and turned the development of tablet PC, a new synthesis of Natural, Social and Humanitarian sciense represents by ActiveBase Art ideas and technology designed for Information Age turns the development of new art branches.

ActiveBase Art is different from any other art movement. ActiveBase Art is the Spectrum of possibilities and choices, on the top of ideas in science and arts, natural synthesis. It means this is no limitations in style for artists, even no limitation in technigues. The core ideas represent in spectrum of levels, as natural as deep laws of Quantum physics, bases on changes of quality of information. Transparent, open, logically constructed, natural, with deep potential available for every participant, 7 colors of ActiveBase Spectrum will be presented one by one here. Stay with me to be the first witness of new Art movement. The hottest news are coming soon!

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