Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development: Smart way to harness Climate Crisis
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Climate crisis concerns everyone. Today it`s at the stage it could be harnessed by smart decisions. That`s why it`s so important to turn on both of our great powers: our mind and use of Green energy. Even raccoons are doing it:


Matched Wallpaper to positive changes:


Sharing this images you increase density of sustainable information which turns people to make more smart decisions

United Nations 70th Assembly and Promotion for Sustainable Development Goals
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United Nation`s 70th Assembly`s started. Sustainable Development Goals`ve adopted and published. This is the new seria of very fresh motivators and Wallpapers to promote SDG to wide audience. See statistics how many love cats. It makes cats a really good carrier tothe message. Share them!

Motivators and Wallpapers:


UN calls for that actions to promote Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development Goals: Take the road to the Future
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25 of September 2015 World Leaders have committed to 17 Global Goals to achieve 3 extraordinary things in the next 15 years. They confess how each person can help to achieve it. Your impact can be significant when you share that images to fight Climate crisis caused by human minds:


More Climate motivators:


Make your opinion visible with matched Wallpapers:


Look to the Goals:

Changes, Actions, Procrastination: How to Handle
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Hello everybody, today you can share new Climate motivators with ancient Chinese proverbs. It underlines the fact mankind meet the same problems all of the time so it needs to pay atention now.

Changes is life, life is changes. Sometimes we are procrastinating, yes?


Matched Wallpapers about it:


We all are trying to avoid changes as long as it possible, procrastinating actions, trying

Climate Change 2015 Project: Historical line
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Hello dear friends, today you can see fresh Climate motivators concern our fossil fuels history and our better future:


Here there are matched wallpapers:


It is not nesessary to demonize fossil fuels.They are the important part of human history and still plays big role. But we have to confess, and to be prepared to smooth, soft transition to green energy projects as fast as it possible.

Climate Change for Sceptics: feel the reality
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Hello dear friends, here it is new Climate motivator matches to the previous one. Let me to introduce you our Sceptical Hero: PG Raccoon, or PG Coon.


Here it is matched Wallpapers 1920 x 1080 size:


The point is, to resist climate change and to harness the problem in short and long run it needs to confess the problem exists. There are a lot of scientific proves. No way to avoid it in

Climate Change is solvable: we have the technology for a clean energy future
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To make some positive climate claim here it is very fresh climate motivator and matched beautiful wallpaper.

Click for full sized pics for Instagram, social media shares and for  your PC wallpaper 1920 x 1080 size:

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Pope Francis: The Encyclical video and the influence to the world, part 12
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Hello everybody, today our black monday with new PG Cat`s motivator about "Pope Francis: the Encyclical" video and it`s influence to the world. Our question for today is why religions are so important, even for atheists. Let`s discover it.

The scientific reseachs show why people have so great struggle between right behaviour and the another one, which is more pleasant, easy and causes so many

Antifragile Approach: South Korea, and you own chance to attract attention
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 19 June 2015 at 01:51 AM Comments(2)

Hello everybody, today one friend told me, he started to collect different PG cat`s, both Climate motivators, Wise motivators and Wallpapers the same way he collected baseball stickers in his childhood. Nice idea! I would like to mention, here it is the first place to publish the PG cat`s line about different nations.

The Wonderful wallpaper is below, get it!  All of the pictures will be

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