Hot news: Anna`s “The Ideal Manager (PAEI)” goes to US Adizes Institute
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 01 June 2013 at 08:57 PM

Hello everybody! The news is my painting for Adizes`s system now goes to Adizes Institute to US. I feel very happy Dr.Ichak Adizes like it and moreover - accept is as the representative of the idea what the Ideal Manager is. You can see Dr.Adizes and me on the picture made on the Moscow Conference 30 of May.

The reason I am so happy for it is the exceptional situation. Being a physicist by my first education I have subtle senses of true system picture of the universe. Physics represents it. That`s why I was so exciting by Dr.Adizes`s system in PAEI codes. The second reason is i have my PhD in Economy and also 8 years of lecturing so the subject was understandable from thet point of view. Than I had 11 years experiance in business so could imagine how the System could help to develope everything to it`s best.

And after all, may be before all - I am the painter who lives in colours and shapes, feels it`s balance more then environment around me. The result is the Ideal Manager painting. You can read about it and how it was born here

Now I will intensify my movements to visualize the Lifecycle curve. Also I have personal task from Dr.Adizes and working on it. I`ll tell about it later, just to notice the subject is my challenge and I feel deep gratitude to Ichak Adizes who tirned me to it.

So the life becames as full as it possible and as you know me it`s the best thing.

Read who Dr.Ichak Adizes here and his Institute here

His System is universal that`s why it could be applied to business, family and personal development life.





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