Sustainable Development

Sustainable Mindset: Antifragile way to support strong thoughts
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Personal sustainability is not just an idea. It is the best way to keep Antifragile life style which is much more productive, healthy, effective and efficient in short and long run and obviously much more pleasant in our fast time changes. To keep it you need to have an optional rest, which means a good choice between public and private high quality life.

I would like to present you one of my best methods of quick deep antifragile relaxation: personal place for a tea ceremony.

Asian treasures like tea ceremony are focused on deep high quality relaxation. Obviously we have no enough time for the whole ceremony on the go, but all of the details of a short ceremony can be customized for your needs and so perfectly work. Here it is my portable office tea set I carefully designed to make myself a private place whatever I am, with full aesthetics and meditative mood. When I am trevelling I easily have it with me. it is light weight and changeble in details so I can make it easier or more complex.

My resently added detail is Chinese folding screens with different designes. I have a small collection of it, with the same size 6-parts folding screen, with different paintings on it. So I could make differencies just choosing a different screen, keeping the whole details of the ceremony the same. This is the feature of sustainability and antifragility: to keep the best, to change details.

As you see on the picture, that tea set consists of two main parts: one for the main scenes and one for using. The main scene includes one folding screen, the mat to stand it, a small fireplace to warm the teapot with hot water and the violet vase with candle inside I use as a insense burner. For trevelling I have a very small insense burner or take it out of the scene. The main scene carry the athmosphere of relaxation, pleasant and cool for my eyes. It make me relaxing and calm in many ways, because I choose all of the details carefully and all is really customized. Even the design of the folding screen: for a quick effective relaxation during my work I need a folding screen with bright active design. It looks exellent in any time, from morning to everning. it keeps me relaxing but not so much soft because after 15-20 minutes I wil be back to my work.

The set for using includes one 150 ml teapot for the tea, one tea cup (here you can see my new one, jade-green with a red fish barelief, a present from my Chinese friend), one teapet (a bull from clay, in the original Chinese tea ceremony they use it to wet it with the rest of the tea making a kind of symbolic offering for the company). In the main details it is enough. But I like to enjoy my tes with honey so you can see here a small glass cup for honey with special silver tea spoon presenting by my mom. All of this are placed on the round bamboo teatray with grass mat from Vietnam.  So, you can see the representatives of the whole Asia in one teaset on my work table.

It is not important how much you relaxing place costs. I prefer to found a way to the less price, just because the high prices doesn`t reflect eny of your personal choice. The challenge is to make everything so customized so nobody can have the same. All of the details should be attached to you best feelings, imagination, memory, to be associated with right people and have very right size to keep your body and soul well belenced.

This is the way to allow your feelings be fresh, and you mind to work better, more optimized. If you are a tea fan as I am, ou can try to collect the same teaset. If you like another beverages, you could try to make something for it. Just keep the idea about Antifragile decisions. New things is fragile, just a flavour of the week. Ols ceremonies and old traditions keep the true essense of Antifragilily, that`s why they can generate the energy while modern things just to waste your attention away.

Keeping you mind Antifragile, you will gain more in the best way.

From my side I will tell your about my own methods, like that teaset, to encourage you to found the very special ways, the best for yourself, like no others. That`s what I always do. For example right now I am after 16-pages document about the global project development and the next stage of mind mapping. After that post I will keep my work being refreshed.

To provide you with the best, I would like to remind you the book which describe things I always do, so let me to keep my work while somebody alse did his job serving you: Nassim Nicholas Taleb "Antifragile: things that gain from Disorder":

Sustainable Development: How to Develop your Perfect Work Place-2
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Let`s continue the subject how to make your perfect work place customized. The point is, if you want to do it in a short time, it needs at least 2 pauses in actions to let better ideas appear. That`s why after the first stage it needs a good meal, better outside to refresh mind:

Sustainability in personal and professional life creates sustainability in close and then in wide environment. People attracts by stable mood and places. Energy became recharged in such places. If challenges come, it needs to have a place for recovery, better for active recovery. That`s why so small private case as new design of your work place can be the source of sustainability for you and for others. Small things create new effects for development and so, if you want to make a spurt ahead, it needs to have a strong background before. That`s why such a small cases creates skills to remain own energy whatever it happens, and so to win in short and long run.

Ok, everything was prepared, that`s my special place for Chinese style Ink painting and meditative practice named Bamboo Cabinet. The Inkwork was on the floor according the old  tradition which one I am changing now.  As I wanted the new table very customized for my upcoming project work, I had some ideas to it`s appearahce and size. The height was important because I planed to remain to sit on the floor to keep the feelings of traditions (and because I spent a lot of time sitting on my computer table so it needs to change activities physically). The best height in that case is near the height of normal chair. All living room tables I checked before was less or more that height that`s why I decided to make my own ideally convenient for the painting work.

That`s why I used the foots of the most simple stool for the table:

Screwdriver is important part of painting work smile smile smile

OK the table has done! Simple& Yes. Ideally customized to my purposes and good looking too, with special fragrance of pine-tree pitch.

That phase of work has done and this is the right time for the second pause.

I want to hightlight that moment because it very special and need to be checked, especially if you are a workoholic and want to make everything as fast as it possible ( as I am).

Two pauses is the nesessity to separate phases of a project, of any project, in your own mind. It needs to be attached to the action but make it a little bit aside. To be attached to the process and put it aside means, you shouldn`t interrupt yourself with informational streams such as Internet, because it could flow your mind far away and so it will be a big delay.

That time you allow your internal network to produce better decision in more short time. So it is important to make a 15 minutes relaxation of any way you prefer: gymnastics, yoga etc. In my case I have special conditions for tea ceremonies. As it was the second phase of the project, I allowed myself to surf along the book by Nassim Taleb "Antifragile" accompanied with milk oolong tea which always becalm me.

Ok, let`s move to the last stage of the changes: to organize everything in my new environment.

That stage could be done at any time, and you can experiment with the order in your case. In mine conditions it needed to be put in an ideal order, convenient to use easily all tools, matherials, sources I have. Othervise it could be delays between parts of projects and I don`t  allow it.

The point is, our life time is limited and we are free to choose how to make it reach with right constructive things. It needs a good conditions to keep all interests alive. For example I had Chinese 21-strings  arpa Guzhen for about 7 years, but put poor instrument in very unconvinient place so it was a lack of practice for a long time, although I like it. Now the Guzheng is nezr the table and also could be practiced on the new table, and the environment is much better to keep the mood.

If you have some hobbies which you love, it should be organized to be available in good friendly manner so you could feel the stream of gentle energy towards it. It`s important in our fast time changes just because many things streams us away.

To create oriental environment I put the small tea table with tea heater and a bonsai.

Many things around was reorganized.

The next important thing is to make something to cool your eyes. Even for offices it is a wide line of products like office table waterfalls or water tanks (with poor fishes inside).

In my case as I am working with images for many hours, I made waterpool with flowers, plants, stones, lucky Chinese turtle and a frog from glass. When I need to interrupt myself and meditate, I put into the waterpool floating candle which is safe and make the time counted (floating candle works about an hour).

If you make something like that, very simple, in your working environment you will see home productive your worl will be and how quickly and reach your relaxation became.

Ok, I put the buddha office waterwall at the left and waterpool at the right and several statues of Buddha in the centre because I like it. According you your circumstances you can arrange and design what things you want to attract your eyes for a short time during work:

That`s all about how to create your perfect work place, also a hobby place, also a place for relaxation or whatever.  To make own life effective and efficient in short and long run, and to keep pleasures of life together. it is as interesting as easy to do. Wish you the best and thank you for being with me!


Sustainable Development: How to Develop your Perfect Work Place
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Hello dear friends, today is the fresh subject how to make your own perfect work place. As we all spend a lot of time working (I am spending even more) it is really good idea to organize everything in perfect way. It means to decrease losses and so to increase the positive result in better way.

Now I`ve started a very new area which takes a lot of time. From one hand it needs to learn one terrible soft (still looks terrible) and from the other hand it needs to develop one technique named GongBi - chinese painting with many details. It requires a lot of light and yesterday I started to do it right on my computer table. It has several serious disadvantages which takes my energy away. First was I wasn`t able to do just one thing, painting, and turn onto computer lectures of, as you see, Koread historical drama about Imperor`s court in Choson period. It was pleasant, but I found it unsustainable. The second thing was I felt constantly anxiety about water for painting in dangerous close distance to my external hard drives.

So I decided to make the special place for chinese painting in my Bamboo cabinet. To rethink that idea I decided to go to the very creative space: a construction hypermarket.

If you are not so sure what to do, or feel your idea isn`t baked enough, the best thing is to go in such a place and to start surfing around, catching all of new ideas and association. That`s why I hate glamour trade centres (it forces customer`s mind with  foriner`s ideas) and admire construction hypermarkets which turns my mind to work in gentle manner. Try it, and you can see the differencies.

This is the huge space full of colorful wallpapers. Beautiful, isn`t it? smile

Samples of wallpapers:

Samples of fabric for curtains. I was cought with the idea to make some changes with fabrick, but I already have pretty nice ones so I just enjoyed the reach colors and textures and surf ahead:

According to ancient Chinese practice FengShui, lights, crystals and shining glass attracts positive energy. It really have sense so I enjoyed the beauty:

The same with samples of colors:

Look how it`s different and reach!

That section always made me exciting:

My old drill Makita still works good so I went to the tools section and enjoyed the colorful world of screwdrivers feeling myself as a kind of Doctor Who smile

At the end I came to the section I need. A big panels of natural wood, with fragrance of pitch:

That one, from pine tree, without any processing, so fresh! That one is blessed to became my new working table!

With the pine-tree panel I went to the section of specials for wood to protect it. As I plane to work with water colors it seemed good idea to cover the pine-tree pael with something… I chose the green color reminded me young bamboo in Tian Tai Buddhists monastery, China:

...And among thousands colors it was the one which ended!

I thought to delay the covering for the next week and went home with my new pine-tree panel and bright plans what to do.

I will write the end of the story next post, because I`ve  just finished my new work place and deadly tired.

Just one thing I want to repeat one more time: don`t be afraid of new customized decisions.

Try new things. Try at least to think in different way. You will see how your wasted energy start to return and you will feel new better decision is somewhere around.

This is sustainable way to overgrowth yesterday for better tomorrow. Tank you for being with me,

Tired and happy Anna


World Culture Pro: Sustainability, Antifragile, Procrastination
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Hello dear friends, today I would like to present you the next work from PG Cat concerns one of the challenging subject: procrastination. We all know what is that. The World Culture Project by PG Cat presents new wallpaper  (click the pic)

Chinese proverb:  The longer you wait, the more unexpected developments may occur


Our times is so fast so we must make decisions quickly having not so much information, being by pressure of circumstances. Sometimes we are enslaved by habits or tiredness. Sometimes the most difficult obstacle is uncertain feelings. Everyone knows what is it. We all feel a kind of blues about "old good times" which are obviously passed away with dinosaurs. Because our anchestors was forced to make their decisions in the same pressure as we are. I bet, all of them could moan with us about it! So, when we feel ourselves tired of frightened of unsecure we are procrastinating everything. I am doing it right now, typing the post instead of reading one terrible manual about one terrible software! So, this is about me first.

The point is, sustainability, antifragile and procrastination have a number of different connections.

Sustainability means, we have enough knowledge, or models for reaction, or good alghoritms, of experience to make decisions in time without headache. This is an ideal formula because noone hwve such a conditions, nowhere, it will never be. Just dreaming about it, we have this ideal model in mind. Does it possible? Partly, yes. It needs to have a clear picture about priorities of a decision and about our own aims. So, we can decrease procrastination into normal size, making a kind of comfort for our psychology without problems with timing.

Antifragile decisions (see my previous post about it) also concerns procrastination, just in another aspect. Sometimes circumstances just make waves and noice but they doesn`t really require your decisions of immediate actions. So, to increace your own antifragility, you should make a pause, a delay and procrastinate as long as you became cool and have better picture what`s going on. All of us definitely need it bein attacked by sellers. When somebody or something requires your resources, you should make a double pause to be antifragile and so to support own sustainability.

So in novadays we all need to stick to the happy medium and found a true feelings about our own best style of action. Having a true picture about changes and consequences, we also should keep our pause until the circumstances became more clear.

And, after all, as we have the pure procrastination as I have now, we should go to have a rest and do everything right for tomorrow. I hope to do so!

More World Culture project wallpaper by PG Cat you can download for free here

Thank you for being with me!

Procrastinating Anna


World Culture: Empowered Memory PG Cat`s Wallpaper-2
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Memory which is a product of our unique life experience, knowledge and message we want to keep is one of the most important things. That`s why there a number of movies about human memory which are placed into computers and so personality remains alive. That`s why here it is the second PG Cat`s wallpaper about the same chinese proverb (click the picture to download):

The Chinese proverb is: The palest ink is better than the best memory


Writing your experience and thoughts, especially by hands, you are creating the special structures right inside your brain neuronetwork. No other way to integrate your experience into neuronetwork directly. Why? Because of number of your body structures involved in the process.

Listening is a passive form. Oral words dissapears, it is just an impressions dependent of many current things, especially from your mood and context of the situation.

Watching is less passive, but so ephemeral so we slightly watch our  own video records.

If you add to memorising more body movement, for example retelling and gestures, it will me much more effective. So, as our hands is extensions of our brain, when you write your ideas everything become much more clear. This is the way human neuronetwork develops. The way to success in our fast times is to keep valuable experience and to move forward using it.

More interesting information about connections between structurised memory and personal success you can read in my previous post  with the first wallpaper:

Stand out of crowd, touch the World Culture by more wallpapers from PG Cat you can find here


Anna, the World Citizen

#Climate Change 2015: two had finished
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Hello everybody, that year I continue #Climate Change project and now two paintings has finished. The difference from last year is, #Climate Change 2014 dedicated for scientific researchs and proves of the process, and now I am focusing on changes and human reaction.

The concept is rather unusual, especially who represents human. The first two panting are completely ready but, by the matter of the general agreement, I shoudn`t show it till the end of the April. So this is just to note the fact it exists and the work goes on till we have news from summer summit in Paris by UN.


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World Culture: Empowered Memory PG Cat`s Wallpaper
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Hello everybody, today I am proud to present you new wallpaper by PG Cat dedicates to success. What make differencies between sucessful person and a loser? Luck? No. The chief difference is MEMORY. Click on the picture below to see the full size wallpaper:

We are living at times of fast changes. Changes follow our civilization from the beginning as one of the strongest whip of evolution. In past times changes wasn`t so fast as today, but people wasn`t so adaptive for changes as we are. That`s why changes was a kind of curse: people just had zero prediction and about zero experience how others survived… and nothing to educate themselves how to improve their life during changes. This is the essense. Memory is not an information. But it is a kind of structurized information which became a new program in our neuronetwork. That`s why you can`t be really educated without conspects. You will never be strong withour revise of experience, both successful and fail, both own and others.

This ancient Chinese proverb is:

The palest ink is better than the best memory


It means, we should pay attention to our experience and put it in structurized form by writing. That process activetes our neuronetwork itself, especially if you take ypur time to think about, to compare it with previous experience, to check information etc. It works that way. Keeping our experience just in memory we are risking to keep just a part. Having our notes, we reduce that risk and invest our time into new structure of information, which is completely different process in neuronetwork terms.

Today we have so many technologies which preserve information for us, so the importance of personal notes, importance of memory starts to be pale. When I see my students are chatting, in hope their dictofons are recording my speach, I know they are loosing. No matter how a technology strong to serve your needs, without your attention, without your structurising mind it is zero. If a person doesn`t pay attention at the time things happens, or around it, memory never go into deep structures of neuronetwork. So this person will make more and more mistakes until mistakes become so huge so he or she will not be able to avoid the outcomes. This is the animal kind of eucation. Easy and pricy, if you take your time to count it. Many people who take such a method, saying is is easy and natural, became very regretful at the middle of life. Animals can`t do it just because they have no expectations and actually no life plans. But we are human. Early or later we count our losses and very frequently found the price of specific mistakes too much high.

This is the law things go on.

Our memory with structurized information allows us to touch stars.

So, the meaning of this proverb is clear: make your own notes, put your datas into own structure and use it for growth, for success.

I am doing it right now, making the description for that wallpaper instead of simple publish the only image. It is my own coice, because one project naturally growth from anothers when we are doing our neuronetwork work.

More wallpapers from PG Cat you can find here

Thank you for being with me!

Sincerely, Anna


World Culture: celebration of Purim-2 פּוּרִים
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To make a panoramic view to Purim celebration. Looks fantastic!

I weared a costume so I was granted by 2 special cookies "Haman`s ears". Great taste! It was an amazing dish from dough
in triangle shape with reach stuffing of poppy, sweet and black. I perfectly remembered, my GrandMa cooked it, just in another shape. It was so toughtful. Although it was never named as traditional dish "Haman`s ears", it was exectly the same. I feel the link between generation, which are in our genetics, honorable chain to those who surviver and save cultire even in darkest times, in hunger, keep it for kids to make them connected with the best of the best from past generations. I remember it so clear right now, when I am writing the post, so keep blogging, keep revice your own experience to discover the roots which are energy source for everyone. That`s so important. I never feel it as clear as now, remembering what my grandMa did, and what was yesterday.

I made that picture of "Haman`s years" right on the table with was the theater of historical event. Literary, "Haman`s ears", and me in costume was presented in presense of Haman himselfe as well as Queen Esther and others.

As the celebration was situated in the Jewish museum, I took several rounds to refresh my memory about it. The museum is very modern, interactive, with many touch screens. One of the most exciting moment was Thora scroll. It seemed to be scanned from the original, ancient scrioll. You can touch the menue to brows it.

AS in real sinagogue, it needs to use a special stick in hand shape, it names "yad" to stop the screen scrolling and to highlight the text you want to read. It has translations to several languages.

Although the most part of the Jewish history is full of tears and struggle, the selebration of Purim itself was joyful.


 You can see a DJ with funny bead like captain Jack Sparrow:

Better view:

I also founded a remarcable person represented Albert Einstein, with an animal scull full of written Physical formulas like E=mc2. He had his masquerade costume with Chinese mustashes and bead so it was so funny and so significant, so I asked him to make a picture:

This is the view from upstears to the scene where people was provided with some masquerade costumes: masks, beads and mustashes, turbans, peacock`s feathers, jewelry, silk scarfs. Two designers helped people to wear it. I was mesmerised woth gentle guestures of their hands. People was changing while they felt how careful hands weared them. It was so amazing beauty:

So amazing, and so important to men, wemen, kids to have such possibility to touch rich beauty of centuries, to overcome for one everning casuality and common. That was the first time I realized how it is difficult for people who have no artist`s abilities, to make a step out of common reality… and in was so beautiful. Men in turbans, weman and kids in silk, with care and safe:

I made some videos for my future films about it. And, in addition, I was so amazed of the scene, so literary saw my future painting about it. I will make it as I have everything documented so catched the moment.

Among silk scarfs for head wear it was a lot of my favorite colors: marine and royal blue. So I wasn`t able to resist to wear it right above my own red-n-gold costume:

... and I felt it is right for it.

So I decided to include marine or blue colors whatever I wear, at least as a detail. I made this turban by myself, because it was difficult to reconstruct the engeneering shape of jewelries and hairdressing I already had. So I made my turban right around it and felt very good smile

I was at Purim the first time in my life. I started from the beginning 4 PM and was till the end 10 PM trying to catch every moment and every detail. It was a cold everning with rain and at the end I founded myself hungry. Then I went to the small Bento&Wok cafe and enjoy the dish from my another ankestors, a simple Asian food noodles and vegetables, and I said: the enerning was really good, ant then came home to make my posts and had my rest.

The next day I took my Chinese GoHua painting classes, GunBi style, so you can see, the whole world could be reflected in eyes of a person who is open for treasures of cultire, treasures of life. What could be better then it?

Just a smile


#WorldCulture, #Purim, #UN, #Sustainability, #Education, #Culture, #Event

World Culture: celebration of Purim פּוּרִים
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Hello everybody, today I have some fresh pics from the world culture event: Purim, the Jewish  gala day by Esther scroll. 2015 year it is 8 of March so I attended to it. It was a call for maskarade costumes so I went in one:

Purim took place in ancient Persian Empire - the story is recorded in the BiblicalBook of Esther (Megillat Ester מגילת אסתר in Hebrew). The ancient story requires memory about grave daanger, struggle and resque the Jewish people which was done by Queen Ester. For this memory several events comes in a week, and th celebration crowned by the last day which was just several hours ago. Actually, I am writing this post being sleepy after the celebration. But tomorrow it will be my Chinese Gohua painting practice, so Jewish culture should be today. So. The celebration was in a huge very modern Museum of Tolerance which was founded by one of my relatives. Today the museum was full of people who came to celebrate the fiest.

Special kosher food was served in cafe:

People was invited to try several beautiful clothes to feel the history, especially the story itself belongs to 5 century B.C. The beautiful silk covers with fine metal cord , with assistant of several designers was for free. It was so beautifl! Different colors of covers, gentle float of silk, and new beauty of girls which was shining when they weared the dresses and fabricks, everything was amazing.

I came with my own fast-combine costume:

As I needed to run here and there to make some important videos and pics, my costume was short, combined with throuses. However the head jewelry was good enough to be presented into ancient Persian court… I hope:

I honestly tryed to keep the veil on the face but it was too much unconvenient, with floating silk which blocked cameras, so eventually I alowed the silk head cover to release.

Amazing part of the story was happy faces of people, both weman and men, who weared in masquerade silk covers, mustaches, beads. All faces became shining, and smileys was like a warm sun coming from clouds. People was attached to feel the culture by themselves, among everyday mess and casual clothes.

A lot of kids came with their parents:

Ir was a lot of accessories for free, with designer`s assistant, so people was glad making a choice what did they like more, a crown, or a silk veil, or a turban with jevelry and peacock`s feather.

One of the historical parts of Purim is storitelling. Actors represent the main characters of the story of the Scroll of Esther: King Ahasuerus with Esther, his Queen; the good guy Mordekai (her uncle) and the bad guy Haman, royal vizier  are sitting at the table as they was in the story. They was telling what`s happened. It was several empty chairs for visitors who want to be involved in discussion (that`s why you can see my hand here as I was one of the close listeners). The actor at the centre represented bag guy Haman, at the right part was the Persian king:

this is esther herself and her uncle Mordekai:

Everything looked mistarious, so I spent about 7 hours, up to the end of the feast, with great pleasure and happiness to meet people and be a witness how they are culturally envolved, both in modern and historical ways. Intelligence and respect, this two words are a good description to the event. I have more pictures I`ll publish later, now I am nearly sleep right on the keyboard so, have a nice day!

Sincerely, Anna


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