Sustainability is Antifragile, so use it
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Exectly in time, about how to win in our fast changing times. I am writing so many posts about neuro-network and how to turn it work into specific mode which use changes as a fuel. Today I would like to present you the book by "Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder"  

It is exellent to frame things I am working on and exellent to improve everyone`s capacity to

World Culture: Empowered Memory PG Cat`s Wallpaper-2
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Memory which is a product of our unique life experience, knowledge and message we want to keep is one of the most important things. That`s why there a number of movies about human memory which are placed into computers and so personality remains alive. That`s why here it is the second PG Cat`s wallpaper about the same chinese proverb (click the picture to download):

The Chinese proverb is:

Remaining Feeling of Stars
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Just to remind myself about stars and aims I must not forget among everyday small things. Now,  after a day with gongbi painting study, and one terrible software I must to learn, with all of that smallest things, I am thirsting for stars.

Last month I took some lectures about brain morphology. It provided me with important knowledge how we are different just by our birth, having the same

Imagination Joking-1: how I started in serious mood and what happened then
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Hello everybody, when one project`s stage has finished it is a natural gap. Many people stuck with it and feel out of inspiration, out of energy. The threatment is to have another project to work. It`s so exciting to keep mind full of new ideas in many direction, so I have a lot of ideas to change style of work and save my time.

The Nature-In project itself started from serious purposes.

#Climate Change 2015: two had finished
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Hello everybody, that year I continue #Climate Change project and now two paintings has finished. The difference from last year is, #Climate Change 2014 dedicated for scientific researchs and proves of the process, and now I am focusing on changes and human reaction.

The concept is rather unusual, especially who represents human. The first two panting are completely ready but, by the matter

World Culture: Empowered Memory PG Cat`s Wallpaper
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Hello everybody, today I am proud to present you new wallpaper by PG Cat dedicates to success. What make differencies between sucessful person and a loser? Luck? No. The chief difference is MEMORY. Click on the picture below to see the full size wallpaper:

We are living at times of fast changes. Changes follow our civilization from the beginning as one of the strongest whip of evolution. In

World Culture: celebration of Purim-2 פּוּרִים
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To make a panoramic view to Purim celebration. Looks fantastic!

I weared a costume so I was granted by 2 special cookies "Haman`s ears". Great taste! It was an amazing dish from dough
in triangle shape with reach stuffing of poppy, sweet and black. I perfectly remembered, my GrandMa cooked it, just in another shape. It was so toughtful. Although it was never named as traditional dish "Haman`s

World Culture: celebration of Purim פּוּרִים
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Hello everybody, today I have some fresh pics from the world culture event: Purim, the Jewish  gala day by Esther scroll. 2015 year it is 8 of March so I attended to it. It was a call for maskarade costumes so I went in one:

Purim took place in ancient Persian Empire - the story is recorded in the BiblicalBook of Esther (Megillat Ester מגילת אסתר in Hebrew). The

Happy Spring PG Cat`s Wallpaper
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Spring`s coming! That`s great! Many countries have a special day to celebrate spring, such a Female day 8 of March. So this is brand new, very fresh wallpaper with
Chinese proverb for that project : 爱不是占有,是欣赏 – Love is not about possession, it’s all about appreciation.


Download the Spring wallpaper directly

Having such an evidencce with a long-long

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