The end of the Lunar Year: developing the Bridge
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Hello everybody, tomorrow will bw new Lunar Year and I am happy to confess, the projectwork is going on in good shedule. Such a relief! At the present stage I am ready to make transition to the new year with new levels of aims and gain all of it.

This is the feeling of spring, new ascendense, blossoming, so special to LUnar new year which calls Spring Festival. A little bit more and all

The end of the Lunar Year: creating the Bridge
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Helo everybody. Have you ever imagine how important are our calendar events? It make our 75-years long race divided into natural stages we could count and evaluate. It is important to do it t the end of each natural period to keep moving and get new level in aims to the next period. Now I am creating the Bridge from 2014 creation to 2015.

New level of technology. New level of filming. New

Happy Valentine Day! Updated :)
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Sending Love: Happy Valentine day for everyone!


Every day worth to send you love in any good way you choose.

#‎Valentine‬ ‪#‎Feelings‬ ‪#‎Cats‬ ‪#‎Greetings‬ #PGCat


Welcome New Lunar Year is Modern style, lol
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Dear friends, here it is Happy-New-Lunar-Year greetings in  modern style. Funny, lively, available in two versions (full and mobile), in two languages (English and China).

2015 Chinese New Year Best Wishes (Full version, English) by PG Cat  

For everyone who are in search of something fresh to have fun and make joy to your friends. And after all, for everyone who loves cats! smile

2015 Chinese

Welcome New Lunar Year Happiness is classical style
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Dear friends, here it is links to the first New Lunar year Greetings video in full and mobile versions. This is in classical style in English:

That style could make you syncronize with happiness flow, in slow brain waves, so try it first and share with friends. Happiness is a feeling which growth in good environment, more you share, more it growth. For our fast times it is important to have a

Diversity of Happiness: in modern format
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Hello everybody, today this is the story about diversity. Diversity is the base of progress. We are different. Our feelings of happiness may be different too. I would like to anounce you the second video for Lunar New year, completely different in many fields but with the same massage: happiness, growth, wellness, wealth and joy of life:

The video was made in two languages, the ame way as

Happiness, Joy, Energy of Life
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Dear friends, that morning is remarcale for me because I`ve just finished the second video for upcoming Lunar New Year. Slipless nights, and the final sound design. And everything fits well.

I am happy. I am really happy!

I am very-very happy! Everyone who create a project from many details, from zero, from an ideal idea into real product, everyone can understand what I am feeling right

Sustainability, Happiness, Lunar New Year video
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Hello everybody, I am back home from UK and spent a day to acclimatization. My god. A whole day without productive work, just copying matherials from laptop. So, let`s touch some positive energy from my upcoming video:

Symbols is the deep rooted language of collective subconsciousness. This is the way our brain works making targeting, creating new approachs, founding the best way from our

Sustainable Schedule: let`s make it work
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 30 January 2015 at 06:15 PM No comments

Hello everybody, I am still in UK and spend my lunch time to post something. From my previous posts you could come to the conclusion I am here for holidays visiting restourants and shopping. Wow-wow, that`s not about me. Too many great plans.  I am here for business and my work shedule is close to army order.

Stand up, jump into the car and go to office. Thanks god it is not in erly morning

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