Divine Adviser power: Queen of Swords (Tarot)
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 18 February 2013 at 12:26 PM Comments(1)

Deep archetypes bases Tarot system is worth to be learnt and understand how to apply it to our life situations. That time I`ll present you the Queen of Swords  .

Queen of Swords is your adviser in situations needs analisys and to divide write and wrong just to make new decision clear. Who is the adviser and who is the recipient? What qualities they have and how the process comes? The first figure here is the Person who could be an adept, an representative of the power or advisory. The first quality of such representative is to keep calm whatever happens around.

There are thousand ways how to keep calm and here I show the meditation style. Breath and diafragma control, keeping hands in mudra, fingers together just to prevent youself from active moving could deform the situation or turn people involved in wrong way. Long dress of the Advisor remaind her stability and even transmitt it to her surrounding.

Queen of Swords has the freedom of her thought and her active intellect, thet`s why she is such a fairy flyes above the head of the Person represents the power.

She is familiar with sorrow because people wants an advise typically in hard situations, sometimes beinb the reason of it. So Queen of Sword may understand this way being with a kind of sad but don`t allow sadness to rule, so this is important to keep calm with cold head and understand another`s feelings the same time. Everything in one.

Of course representative have to know symbols and attributes of the Power he/she represents. She also have her sword  before her, perhaps as a warning, a self-protection or a test for another.




My Diary
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That year i realized the best tool to make my owt style diary. This is a big peper roll which allows me to cut the paper to the size I want and also it seems unlimited (being about 25m long). So plenty of resourses made me exciting so i started to draw everything what happens, from Tarot cards I learned that day to my real events.

That time I painted my own variant of 10 of Pentacles Tarot (I learn it from 78 Doors seria). The original card represents the final scene - children in house on the tree, and it was the final of a happy story.

I was curious how it could be just at the first time children entered to the tree so focused on the beginning. The tree seems hight so I came to the idea it should be helpful hand to make a step. Then, after the Hero person, I paint the hand.

That time I was lazy to shoot it step by step so here is the result. It shows how it could start at the edge of past situation and the future.

Now i have about 50 drawings in that style and I like such Diary both to create and to read, because through the picture I could see much more about situations passed then the period it happened.

InkSketches because of ensomnia
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Tonight i couldn`t sleep so did several sketches. When my brush meets ink something happens and so it was 3 pictures, from the sadness one of the beginning to happiness at the end. I`ll start from the last.

Actually when I did the one before last it was clear what will be the next. But when I did it the picture started to chenge from my first view. Hierarchy of ideas always remains but sometimes the message could be more complicated so i allow it to flow to see what it could actually be.

Just from the first stroke it wanted to live by own life so I allow it being curious what it will be the message and how it could connect with the previous three.

It was the same in general but very different with the details. It will be obvious when I publish all of it, but that time just the last.

It wasn`t the bottom of the universe as I expected. It was no bottom and no top but the energy flows here and there and hear flattering with the wind of time.

Thing i should remember, but always hard to recall.

InkSketch: Anna Drops out Bothering Thoughts
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Bothering thoughts comes to my head if I can`t clearly understand what`s going to happen and how to act with it. Even if I cancel such thoughts, as the problem doesn`t resolved my brain works more and more, calculating…

It is not good to force yourself not to think, so I prefer to make the situation exterior by making Ink Sketch. Honestly said, that way I am tryng to drop it, from time to time I win then will found somethimg another to be bothered, anyway here it is the result of the therapy:

InkSketch: Anna`s December-12 Mood Flow
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Sometimes mood flow takes us up and this s no chance to evaluate it in total. We need to keep a distance from moods to understand what it means so this is my mood flow diary from December 2012 I was able to fix on paper. It starts unexpectable, just from several strokes, and then I liked it.


In December several things I expected and prepared didn`t happens. But several unexpectable things seemed to be happened out of my wish, so it was a Sadness Mood Flow:

Then I concentrated to handle it so it was the Keep balance mood:

Then it was a stange mix with expectations, curiosity and strong feeling of not so good result. At least not easy, so I started to play with ink and brush trying to understand what the mood flow means and what to do with it:

Then the mood was appeared, I guess it was careful Curiosity, ready to turn back:

Things seemed go on so I started to make preparation to handle it in best way.


I prepared carefully and as the very best result was I reorganized many work things I wanted to do long time but had no motivation. It was really good result of not so good mood so I evaluate it! My libary and all instruments now unbeliveble tidy! smile smile smile

I prepared everything, made planning of all results, kept every good and prepared to avoid poblems, and then… then unexpectable things became expectable and organized.

And at the end of the story it didn`t happenes.

It was  a strange mix of disappointment, last waiting (I hate to wait, of course), lost of my time and expectaions. But the same time I felt easier and also several problems could happens didn`t exists as the main event didn`t come.

So the final mood was a mixture of waiting, relaxation and anxiety what ever could happens and required fo my time.

But the best result was I did many things with reorganization and redesign was finished, it was successful without any bugs. So December-2012 finished positive.

It was snow, snow, snow and everything became new.



InkSketch: LaoZi founds a frog
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That funny sketch I did in playful mood thinking about how rediculous things happens. LaoZi is the person who could avaluate it pefectly so I did sketch named "LaoZi founds a frog in his tea cup".

Started from several strokes the sketch put me into dance of lines and ink shadows and brush feelings so it was exciting to make it in case just to see what it will be. SO I like spontanious movement, each different from another, and how paper accept water and ink, and how my bushes ealized it`s possibilities. Eveything looks interesting that way so I prepaed the place for Chinese style painting ready for any time I want to pactice it.

So, what could LaoZi say founding a frog n his cup of good tea? smile smile smile


InkSketch: Drunk Choson Official goes home
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 18 January 2013 at 08:12 PM Comments(1)

I love that feelings - empty big size paper (the more the best), chinese brushes with bamboo hand and chinese ink. As I have time fo it I enjoy how that things playes together and creates something… actually it is possible I don`t know what it will be!

It starts from just several stokes, then I realized what it could be. I prefer old Chinese style for figures and landscapes so it seems natural and make me happy enjoying both the process and the result. That time it was a Korean official, about Choson dinasty as you can see by thei clothes. The official looks relaxable so I guess he was going from a bar. A little bit drunk, of course! Young woman behind him looks respectful so it seems she is not a servant. But also nor a wife or his doughter (that ladies stayed at home anyway). But her face is scared and a little bit ashame so I deside she is his yangest doughter-in-law forced to accompany drunk father-in-law back home from a pab.

After all I was so excited with picture on the pape and pictures in my imagination so I coloured in  red the nose of the official but lazy to make photo of that stage. So this is the black-and-white result!

Just for fun :)
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I am learning China and English by iPhone Memrise app. Great! smile)

Misha the Cat in China
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smile smile smile

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