Cyber War

CyberWar: The Project Growth
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 17 April 2013 at 11:19 AM No comments

Today I can claim the fact: my CyberWar Art Project growth healthy and quickly. It contains 2 section deducated to different aspects to CyberWar. Each section includes 20 Art objects (my painting in innovative technigue).

...and one additional section deducated

to my own experience in CyberWar.Today is the middle of the first section, so I can claim 10 art objects is ready to it. Even One new painting for the Section 2 has already done.

And in addition to it I did one big painting inspired by Ichak Adizes system which will be another project in nearest future.  Yes, my holidays is actully the changing of subject to work. That`s why I keep several projects one time, to put everything to my subconsciousness to prepare details while my consciousness works on the current tasks. I invented such mental technique to myself being oversnowed by many things needed to do simultaneously during business. The mental treaning was so good so I spent time to develop it and now could use in different directions, such is my current projects. Hopes everything will growth in calculated time and then I will present you all of it, plus introduction to my mental trening how to do several things in one time. Welcome! smile

CyberWar: Human feelings blows
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 15 April 2013 at 11:57 AM No comments

Although any war have an economy, political or another purposes, it has a projection to human beings. What a war changes? How it influences not only people involved, but a whole generations? Human feelings is the arena to show what`s the result.

The nature of human subconsciousness is so fine then many scientists spend a lot of time trying to investigate how it works. Is is many possibilities to share energy in human society, amongs human beings, and human feelings spreads much more wider then we custom to think. For that we have a kind of strange radio just in our heads. Our neuronetwork formes a message and then by subthreshold stimulus could transmitt our feelings to all persons around. And the process doesn`t stop at that stage. Being accepted by subconsciousness of others, such subthreshold stimulus could be transmitted around second time, and more, and more… Like a underground nuclear shot produces oscillations, the same way human feelings produces waves of current mood as an information. Changes causes and accepts.

This is a part of real war and a part of Cyber War too. Because sitting near own monitors we are typically relaxable, watching texts and pictures, listening music we open our subconsciousness much more because it`s a kind of real trance. Our brain works in such mood having close, intimate connection with all of our internal programs. So if a damage of Cyber War happens it touches us deeply inside. But it`s not so bad. If a damage exists, a cure exists too, the same way. Online therapy could goes the same way. We all was created with both possibilities - to be injured and to be cured by such possibilities of our subconsciousness. So how we could use it? How to decrease post effects and feel more secure? What a safety means in our century of informationak wars, in CyberWars?

CyberWar: Creating Simple-in-Multiplex
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 13 April 2013 at 01:33 AM No comments

The main point of such big project (40 art objects for 2 excibitions) is to make correct mixture of simplisity and multiplexity.  As the message is clear I need to use all possibilities of humand mind to create full picture of the problem and make educational effect during people observe the exibition emotionally.

Knowledge how human brain works helps me to create the true line of paintings, from simple static look to complicated dynamics to make the cultural-educational process growth natural way. Although the CyberWar Art Project will be shown at all later, when I finish everything, I can make you a chance to glance how it growth and what principals covers every details.

From my first physics education I learned how neuronetwork works (it was about 6 equalization described it, but for sure I can`t use it now), so the basic principals will be covered by that project step by step. Also I pay my attention to all details allowed an observer to make each painting work for his or her favour turning mind to think with full support of emotional intelligence. So this is on of my target in thet project - to educate, to protect and to make the massage useful for people, covering one of the most important problems of novadayes.

That time I have to stop typing because it`s deep night and I am still working with my last painting, polishing it, dreaming about good healthy dreams after it!


CyberWar: Make line to the Massage
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 09 April 2013 at 12:42 PM No comments

That project covers both Art and Social education fields. Although  paintings are separated all of them form the message, clear message to people on exibition. That`s why I thought about CyberWar in total before I did the first painting.

It starts from seemes simple subjects and then transformes it into more global message so I need to keep the plan strong and don`t  input another subjects into the main. However now I have one another project and the first big painting for it nearly finished. Why I did it and so made my job harder? Because more easy to give birth to the art object occupied the place of your mind, then turn it back. So as I did it it was like a relief and also I have one painting extra to diversify the results smile smile smile

CYberWar: Process in progress
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 06 April 2013 at 11:17 PM No comments

What`s a mystery creation is? Right thing in right time, when many small possibilities comes together, I feel the Matrix of possible continuum just ready to be born.

It`s a kind of mind extension people never try if they don`t attend to such feelings: to feel music isn`t sounded, and paintings isn`t painted yet. I saw full seria in one moment, felt how it could be constructed and breath. So I know it as faces of ald friends when I started to create it. So I started several pictures in one time to feel less tension, because at least 26 knocked inside demanding to be born, waiting in line until I do it.

One by one it will be 40 paintings… and one big project after it, and now, today, I started to feel another one about Dr. Adizes methodology… I will do 2 paintins to it next week. So it`s about 50-60 paintings in my head and i feel… I feel myself good. The mission started, all of my skills are prepared and the road ahead is clear so I do it. I will do it at all.

Due to the subject the Cyber War project will be officially presented in May and in that blog you could see the process in progress day by day, step by step.

CyberWar Project: Anna makes Strategy and gains the Great Start!
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 04 April 2013 at 12:29 PM No comments

 I am on my mission now.  I deducate all my strength and passion, all of my resourses, experience, skills and all my soul to that.

Be a witness how it goes on!

The first thing to win is to realize the case and to make strategy, and I gain it.

I`ve made searching and planing well. Now I extend the project from 24 paintings for one exibition to 40 Art objects in my unique style for 2 exibitions in US and UK. Because the subjects is naturally consists from 2 parts it is good to diversify it. So the process started.

What`s a strategy? Some kind of artist works to indulge own ego doing something noone understand what is it, and for what it exists. It seems smart that way.

Hahaha! No needs to seem smart just doing crap!

I won my  Math competitions in my 16. I was at special medical courses reseaching human anatomy in my 17, when all girls and boys dreamed just about a data.

I practiced Martial Arts for 10 years and study Physics at 19. Then at my 23 I was called for business to be a soldier to my family. CEO at 25. And PhD at my 26.

So I know one thing: it is ESSENTIAL to educate people right way. The Right way is simple and clear. And it is effective and efficient in the short and long run.

Right way is understandable way.

So I concentrate all of my possibilities to make piece of Art which will be a true message of the subject, brings people understanding the process and produces a kind of helpful memory, use possibilities of Emotional Intelligence. This is the new way to make hight education and to transmit information - Visual Thinking.

The way our brain naturally uses, successful in business problem resolving, and I practice it more then 15 years in all of my works.

It starts from the empty canvas. Everything is empty and clear and ready to carry the message.


...And then it was indicated!

I create pieces of Art in unique technigue in order to make knowledge for people, make understanding and so help people to be confident at this world of technology. To keep their Humanity and to be well protected, both in one.

Dear friends!

Have you ever think about how starts the treasures of Human history people pays to have just a glance in museums?

It starts like this.

Just one drawing of a painter becomes a voluable thing for collections in future. And in our informational century such future just in several steps from us, because every process comes faster.

During the project I will publish all news and so you could be the witness how the history starts.

I need your support all the time when I put all of my power to that social process, creating that part of HUman history, serving Human Society with all of my soul.

Be my friends on Facebook. Indicate who you are so I could see you and feel your support, know your opinion and found more strength if I would be tired, because the creation process is hard, and the subject is great just for one person.

See you, hopes to know who you are, my friends!


I am starting new Great Seria of Art which will Win
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 28 March 2013 at 04:55 PM No comments

Due to my own experience that February and March, I`ve started the great collection of my unical Arts which will be about 20 paintings in my unical style and will form the exibition in US at the end of that year.

I catched the stream of that years and the Cyber war as it called and my unical Art will educate people much more then official documents could, and than after I gain the great social resonanse it will be very expensive as a piece of Arts, describing Unical Period in human history, great problem of that period and even helps to resolve it, being done in my Unical style with my unical Technigue. Each painting will be more then 80 cm size and it will be the sensation.

I was perfect in my beliving in my Ideals and HUman values, so this is the time to reveal everything and Win.

Pictures below is not from the seria, just illustrations for my today mood.

I Am the King of Swords!!!!


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