Uk, Birmingham, Michelin star`s lunch-2
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About the lunch I would like to mention, it was in degustation mode and this is really great. We was able to enjoy every dish from 9-items list without hurry.

Although I didn`t make better pictures with flash, you can see how complicated is the design of every dish. Sometimes it was a real engineering construction in 3D. It was a pity to deconstruct it so I spent some time to enjoy the view and now enjoy the picture to remember it.

That dish was made from salsity, egg yolk, parsley, all products from Gruner Veltliner, Hopler, Burgenland, Austria.

This one is saffron risotto with curry and roasted couliflower. All products was from Viognier, Yves Cuilleron, Rhone, France. You can see how tiny is the couliflower`s slices. I bet it was a nano-knife to make it. Everything was so miniature and fine designed so I wished to have a good light, macro lenses and may be a magnifier to be able to review every structure of it! May be I should do it next time smile

This is the dish of my partner:

The bread was really great with normal slices so I felt myself reach to take it and to eat it with full simply joy!

Here at the picture you can see the size of the dishes. It is the special portions for degustation. It was so good so we ate the whole lunch during 3 hours without any hurry, having business conversation during it. I like the way how it was. Business conversation becomes smooth between the changes of the dishes and we wasn`t too much busy with eating so invested our time in better way. That restourans is frequently used for business meetings with directors etc right for that reason.

That dish was made from baby artishoke, tomato, garlic and something more I didn`t remember clearly. The products was imported from Spain.

The tiny leafs looks so cute so reminded me mini-aquariums from NASA technology. It was a pity to eat it, but I managed it wit pleasure.

The next one:

My next dish from brassicas, sprout leaves, hazelnut. It is a mistery how it was cooked so no ideas about.

Here it is pearl barley, white onion and baby carrot. The baby carrot was about 4 cm long with 3 cm long leaves. All was cooked somehow to remain the structure of each product, with a souce to enrich the taste. The engeneering constructure of the design reminds me some modern buildings.

This is the first dish from our deserts. Jerusalem artishoke, caramel, peanuts.

The second sweet dish was completely amazing. Milk chokolate, clementine, shiso, lemon forms so mesmerising taste so I wanted a big portion. Very big actually. Incredible big! smile

This is not the end, I have some more pictures for tomorrow.

That moment when I am remembering what was yesterday, sitting in the office, working, is the  great argument to use camera whatever you are.

See you!

Changes brings funny things
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 16 January 2015 at 04:50 PM Comments(1)

Hello everybody, that week I am struggling for the new system to work. It is new work place, new equipment and everything is in mess around, waiting for the new order. It remindes me the last day in my Corfu holidays of last summer.

I was trying to pack everything in my laggage. despite of the fact O drop the most part of my things at Corfu to the next summer, it was a challenging moment just to disorder my room and to reorder it. It was the same feelings as I am experiencing now:  between two different orders it is a gap with mess which is open to some funny things.

For example, at Corfu I opened my door and found a red cat and then invoted it to visit my room.

The cat started to sniff and walk, I was trying to prevent it from penetrate into my laggage, then I realized it was good to offer the cat some food.

...and some water too. I love cats so had some food in my room. The red cat accepted my offer:

It was a strange feeling of home among different disorders around, a feeling how something funny coes with own order and brings a kind of rest to my head. It was nice. I guess, this is my advantage to love cats which gives me the rest at any time.

Now I remember that funny ephisode because everything is chenges at my work place, I am trying to catch the moment to try new things quickly, having time to ask questions from my specialist, FreeCat. Also this is the strong feeling of changes. I will visit UK next week and have to prepare things now. I have to make several new movies as quick as it possible before 15 of Febriary to push things ahead. Then I will be free from current fast tasks to continue my paintings which are waiting for so long time.

About associations of funny things… right now a program in my laptop was catched on steeling icons from my work table. Looks like a cat penetrate in my room secretely and do things as cats usually do. Things looks more easy and little bit funny with such an associations, so we`ve resolved the problem right now, making me free 15 min to make this post.

Next week I will start to post descriptions about #ClimateChange  project, each painting, so have to make things organized before it.

Thank you for being with me! smile

Organizing work place: “Cthulhu” cable knots
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Hello dear friends, new year comes with new tasks. If you want to gain new level of aims it neds to change something at work place. The most easy way to do it is to conquer the knot of million cables right under your work table. 

Sometimes it has long history and in my case seemed as "Cthulhu" (a character with many palpuses by G.Lovecraft ). Scaring! No wish to manage it. But…

I was annoyed by ugly cable knot for a long time, having no wish to manage it. It was really big and ugly. Actually I scared to do something wrong. So I was waiting for my IT specialist to control how I will make cables straight, labeled and in right order. It is nesessity for my current filming process. So, the first task of the day for me and my IT was to conquer Ktulhu and make the cables straight and righ. (It is pity I didn`t make the picture of the previous know just to compare it, but I felt no wish even to make a glance.So On the picture you can see the current right order.)

This is several ideas I would like to share with you.

How to control your "Cthulhu" cable knot:

1. A cable knot is the thing everyone experienced. So if you found is scaring it`s OK. It is really scaring. It has a long histiry, sometimes 5 and more years. Especially if your equipment includes different kinds of technology sensitive for voltage etc factors. The poiint is, such cable knot eat your time. Just manage it one time in good way and you will be free.

2. To conquer "Cthulhu" cable knot you should agree to spent about 2 hours and switch off your current work on all of the equipment. First of all, it needs to unplug the cables from UPS and make it straight. No knitwork of chrocheting here!

3. Use velcro and special clips to tie extra length of the cables. Velcro of different colors is great!

4. Mark all the power supplies with permanent marker to what equipment it belongs. I`ve used gold marker and satisfied with the result: everything is clear now, I can plug and unplug everything without losing time to found the right end of the cable.

5. If you have a lot of USB ends in your USB hub, it is good to mark each. It looks so identic with black color so it take extra time to investigate to what equipment a particular USB belongs. It really costs time and nervous just because if yiu replace a wrong USB it could make damage to hard drive, for example. I have 5 hard drives so need to mark every USB cable. Really useful.

6. Resist your natural wish to make some more new cable knots right after you finish the hard work with Ktulhu. I founded myself making new cables twine around my fresh order and stop myself immideately. OMG! Ktulhu is somewhere near!

This is just several notes right on the time I am doing the work. I feel so refreshed now, with all cables clear and well managed, so I get the point: such a simple thing make my thoughts clear and I am sure making fast decisions during work. After all, if you have a cat, it will be much more clean sitting under your work table. It`s good for all! 

Thank you for being with me,

Anna the Conquerer of "Cthulhu" Cable Knot



Happy birthday!
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Hello everybody, our temperature becomes normal for winter, about minus 15 degrees C, and this is my birthday.

So I am doing nothing, receive warm happy birthdays from my dear friends and keep my mood colorful! smile

Wish myself the best, especially keep in fit and keep projects going on, hello, hello, where is my birthday cake? smile

Wish you the best! :)
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Dear friends, this is the edge of the year which marks with Christmas (if you celebrate it) or the European New Year celebration. This is an important milestones to segment our time into more effective and efficient way. It makes us in short and long run. This funny video represents something about it:

The message of the video is  the natural diversity of choices.

Starting from traditional celebration which is one of the bones of human culture, it points on more modern interests and then becomes a celebration of dance. Just movement and dance. It seem as a wish to joy life itself  the most natural way we all have in our bodies: movement. Rhitmic movement is the base of life. Until we can do it, we are the living, active persons, who can overcome obstacles and make attempts to improve our lifes and put our ideas into reality. It shows, dance are good in good company also smile

In addition, as many people in Internet I love cats, and here it is the cat, as I see he is my collegue in filming. Funny! smile

This time, at the edge of past and future, I wish you the power from your internal sun, the best from all of the external sources available, and to nourish your personal power to joy. This is so important, to keep feeling of joy despite of all circumstances and all serious things. It drives our recovery.

So this is the wish to keep the essense of life and  to have a good company to it.

Dance Dance!  smile

Three days before Xmas
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Hello dear friends, this is the edge of the year, which is the right moment to celebrate the good results from the pasing year and prepare to the new. Thinking in constructive way, a whole result of the year should be positive for everyone. We are alive despite of everything. It means, we can make a choice how to put our hopes and wishes onto reality, counting current changes. I always stay on positive, constructive way of life, both by my choice and my religion Buddhists views, so that time I make a small pause between project work and try to found something unusual to congratulate all of my friends from all over the world with the Xmas or New year, as you keep it for yourself.

I wished I had more time to create something special to congratulate you. But it seems, to be in time I should serf internet and found something positive, funny and out of the box to congratulate all of you the best way. So, give me a day for that search! See you tomorrow. Thank you! smile))

#ClimateChange project and the outside Climate Change
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Hello everybody, here it is the last news fron the frontline of struggle for the better presentation and future projects. It illustrates how it is important to make everything in time! Just yesterday it was automn and I did additional videos outside. And today what we can see from the window?..

Do you see it? Snow! Now! When the trees are still with leafs!

It was snowing the whole night and this is the result. Climate change!

I felt enourmous happiness tonight having the insight I`d canch all nesessity frames. So now we have winter, an early one, the gloomy clouds and it seems the snow became mud everywhere so no thing to shoot around. I feel it is the best weather to be covered with warm blanket and to sleep alot, but I have to concentrate and fit to my plans!

This time the wise advise of best friends is really a helpful hand. My Philippino friend Tony Toledo with perfect timing provided me with one good tool to concentration. Yantras. The ancient images which helps. Some people take this idea skeptically, some just belives in it. I have the third base to use it: science.

During my Physics education, I recall, at the 4d year in my University, I did my year work in the field of neuronetwork. It was the system of 4 or 6 equations, rather uncomfortable to use.

The practical result of the work was mathematical and experienced conclusion: the extremums of the function describes neuronetwork concentrates on sharp angles and prominent shapes so turn neuronetwork into more productive mood.

Look to the Yantras then:

You see, the shape is coming inside. Images influent us because this is the way neuronetwork is functioning.

I printed the Yantras Tony sent me and put it on the bright paper to catch attention. It make me comfortable to continue my work instead of bear sleeping which the weather calls.

This is my current work place:

I put the Yantras onto my project boards and studio places too to make the effect more.

So, now  I feel myself free co concentrate and to manage my ideas well.

At the end let me to make one note.

How to overcome natural obstacles

If you want to have really great work to achieve great aims, you should use all good proved tools you have.

Sometimes we are so busy so can`t see a good decision. Tht moment God speaks by our good friends. If you spend a time to remember all cases, you could found several very special persons in your surrounding. They can speak with you without any question from your side and provide you with assential advices, just in time/ Sometimes a week before the time you will really needy in things they describe. This is the special neuronetwork. If you want to gain a big aim, you should listen to such friends carefully. Care is essential,  because they frequently speaks BEFORE you check your problem, so you could have a good advice in advance. It needs to be careful to remember it and to put it near in order to use when the time comes.

I will make some more notes about it later, may be make a film to my channel to educate people how it works.  Right now, with so limited time, I just want to underline how it is important to keep friendship with care and to take things friends say into real deeds.

Good luck, thank you for being with me, see you!

P.S. Just for fun here is a picture of my student conspects which was much easier then the course work smile


Creation is a kind of hard work: battery charge
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Creation is blessing, the powerful stream of playing lights. Creation is a hard work in energy terms. People who make copies just repeat  something which was created from zero. So any creation costs personal energy. Because creators are the gate between ideal world of ideas and solid world of material life.

We are the gate. We are the editors. Many hours of concentration both on idea and on the creating result.

That`s why any creator needs special approach to recharge his or her life batteries.

I wished to be in the sea for recovery. I am trying to avoid the idea this is 11 months between me and the sea.

So. Just fast recharge for my batteries, water and light meditation. I’ll finish the art later…

Tomorrow… Actually…



Real time Projectwork: Carbon Economy and Unsustainable cooking
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Among different stage of my #climatechange project work this is a funny moment which concerns the subject. Today I had my program to finish 2 from 4 new painting. So I put three corns to the pan to boil it and came to work. Any ideas what I founded a little bit later?..

People ask me why I didn`t smell smoke?

First of all, I was working. If an Apocalipse came I didn`t mention it. All I hear is music by Ramin Djawadi and my terrible ringtone (hundry cat voice). This is the way brain concentrates efforts and make selection from thousands of stimuls.

Second,it is smell of benzine, parafin, acryl, fragrances I burn for Buddha, so I  open the window and keep my head out of scent.

In short words, when the black color finished I felt something missed and came to the kitchen to seek something eatable. I founded all kitchen in smoke and a strange black pan I didn`t recognize as my property. The pan is as black as teflon. No ideas how to clean it although it is not the first such a disaster it experienced.

When I opened the cover of the pan it was something with strange colour inside, flying in clouds of smoke.

Ok, said I for myself, the one side of the corns is carbonized. As an irony it perfectly fits the subject of my current work, post effects of Carbon Empire.

So I have my own carbon Empire right in my pan and at my dinner plate.

Although one side of my meal was perfectly carbonized, three siides was cooked.

What do you thing I did with it?

I was hungry! So I ate it trying to avoid black sides.

The taste reminded me how Greeks cook corne on coal. Not so totally burnt but a little, so I had my dinner remembering Corfu. Not bad! smile

When I had put the black pan to wash it I founded the color of it isn`t black. it is a beautiful mixture of deep blue, brown, silver, grey and a little black. It was so beautiful so I made several pictures for it. May be it will be useful for project purposes.

Now I just want to mark this funny case.

Hopes I will be able to wash my pan for tomorrow, it seems I need to be Cinderella for it.

So, symbolically I am deeply inside the subject, carbon economy, carbon cooking, carbon meal, so it`s OK, I am going back to my  work.


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