Countdown: last 5 days
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 09 August 2013 at 08:52 AM No comments

Everytime I visit Corfu I have the hard moments just to recognize my time is near over. It was intolerably at my first visit 5 years ago, very bad at my second visit. But then I realized everything is in my hands.

IN my third visit it was pretty ok, painful but I adjusted for it. It was a kind of stress everyone has after holidays finish but in addition to it I was starving to the sea and open space. The fourth time, last yea, it was a kind of relief, unplesant but acceptable. Because my Greek friends ancouage me and greet. I dropped all of my laggage here, in Liapades, to my friend Anila who halped me whith it. So I felt a kind of satisfaction t have my things still here as a guaranty of my return.

Now at my fifth time I started to plan my depature making downcount of days at my iPhone app. It is s unpleasant so helpful, so now I am nearly ready to it. It is good. I plan how to pack everything so it will not be a hurry, making a big stress in last night. I started to wake up ealier so have a good everyday siesta and early night sleeping so fiil much less nevous about it.

Also my projects call me all time, it needs my presence in Moscow to produce it so I feel importance of my move and… so it better.

That post is a kind of nostalgy and then I will be ready to nomal function. I have a lot to tell about here and also a lot things to do, for example I plan to swim with my camera to my Office rock and shot a film. So the life is good!


Just for fun
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Hello everybody,

today I have nothing to say about my projects just to notice all 7 growth healthy!

Here it is hot so I swim till 12 AM then run to my apartment to have some work till 6 PM and then swim to my office rock. Yesterday was so sweet sea, totally quiet, without any waves like a liquid glass or a piece of beautiful silk. I swam inside it and felt like being inside a kind of jelly because there was no sun waves in the everning so water seemed homogeneous jade green.

Yesterday I had one funny fear. When sun was gone I prepared to leave my rock and swam to the seashore. So I began to take my flippers and suddenly a big crab run out of it. I hardly Shouted!


The crab was flat and with the same surface as the stone so I felt it as a glitch after too much sun! And it moved so quickly!

After the accident I saw a school of fishes feeding something among stones. It was funny to saw it because they  pecked as a chicken trying to eat something from a stone suface.

When I swam back it was so amazing feeling so I stayed at the seashore until dark came. Also I swam in night, about 2 AM, and inside the sea was something like glow-worms invisible but shining when I made waves by my hands. I want to extand such experience and make pictures but it`s too dark to my camera. I will keep it in my mind.

Chosen Time to Project Work
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 02 August 2013 at 01:50 AM No comments

Sometimes I am wondering how it`s impotant to choose the right time and right instruments for the special work. My project work is special so I choose a notebook and other instruments with care.

It was intuitive but very symbolically to choose the notebook with WATER on the cover among more then 50 different notebooks I have at home. So my choice is really good. It works because the best moments to develop the pocess starts when I am near the sea or on my Office Rock.

That season sky have clouds, a rare thing in july and august. It is so beautiful in the everning, also at the day time, so clouds is also a kind of water. Now I carry the next project, just created, I can`t say more now but it is the next stage afte CyberWar I-II and the next one. So… I am happy. Everything wil starts the moment I will be back from my holidays, and I have abut 2 weeks before to be happy here, between water and sky.

...Now I am sitting in Cricketer taverna because it was poor internet in my room, several Greecs louthes on my back having their late meal and chatting. I am surrounded by such a lively atmosphere than all math project thoughts disappeared from my head, it`s impossible to think about abstract things while they are so lively in their everning pleasures of communication. It seems Greek`s live language win the competitions with Greek letters of math in the article I was trying to analize.

Also my batteries is near the finish so I will be back to my room and see, did Nocos really fixed the connection or I should go to bed.


I can`t stop my desire
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 31 July 2013 at 06:16 PM No comments

I can`t stop to desire to be in presence of that waters, like a living emerald, precious liquid which never stops shining…

My Office Rock is my paradise. I can just starring to that water and be out of mind, then I started to feel a project in totality, with many details simultaneously. It needs just to change my mind-channel from presence-zero thoughts into another state. For example to make drawinds:

.. or to project work:

Sometimes I listen unwritten, uncomposed music and want to write just several notes so may be in future compose it at all:

...That`s my beloved place.

 That summer I am trying to live more healthy life. It means use sunscreen creams, stay at sun before 12 AM and after 4 PM and even go to bed ealier (i means before 3 AM). It`s annoy me a lot. But I realize it has sense so… I am trying to cut my desire and habit to be in sunlight for 5-6 hurs o my ock, and to dance in night with stars. It is not so easy. If I were not an ambidextous I couldn`t control myself, being in wide channel of colours, knowledge, music, movement… that`s why many artists becomes crazy and even make suicide. I don`t allow myself to indulg so much but also I don`t like to be in contol. What I can do so ?..

 Just try to get up ealier and run to the sea so be a little satisfy with hours together here, in rocks. This is so strange, but also so funny such a Buddhist way to be on the border, ambidextrousity against synaesthesia, half alive, half archivated so…

Here I am in my dreams. Strange feeling how that waters touches a dark sky with night stars, without a usual air space between. I can swim in the sea and swim in the sky. And then be back.

Green-green sea in everning shadows
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Hello everybody, I`ve just finished the book about microtrends and take a pause to think about several things I learned from it. Drawing is the best process to accompany thinking so… the everning time water changed colours from green to shadowed blue and steel. I made drawings till it was dark, trying to catch the direction of waves and how colours of sky reflected by sea surface. This is not a prospectful task to paint the sea, anyway the reality much more then I am able to do. But having such meditation I can feel it better, so I do it just for myself.

Then I went to the taverna in hope to have my everyday salad. Geec salad is my sweet everning outine here, at Corfu, and I like it that way.

Here it is my office. Portable lamp with 24 LED lamps is really helpful!

Everything to my work is here:

I am satisfied my new Holland poject generally planed, with details and directions. In fact I know what to do from my side so will be able to stat whan I arrive in Moscow.

So my holidays is poductive and I love it that way!



How to Work in According with Nature
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 26 July 2013 at 02:59 PM No comments

Hello everybody, the subject for today is how to work in according with nature. I guess it is important at any time because nature gives us joy and relaxation so it seems good to frame up to it doing things.

I arrived to Corfu with desire to have my happy rest. On the other hand I brought with me so long list things to do so it  frightened even me. I wanted to read several important books: "Black swan" by N.N.Taleb (I finished it 2 days ago); "Mikrotrends" by M.Penn (currently reading):

...also D.Kanneman "Thinking fast and slow" must be next… and I plan to check several things from Andrew Solomon`s "Far from the Tree", because I wish to do a project based on his book in case he answers me positive.

So I have too many things to read. Also I started a brand new project HollandPro, now generally planed. I love it! After CyberWar I-II and Adizes Project I have a wide choice what to do, because it`s about 5 new developed projects in my pocket so… I feel happy. I love it.

I love such possibilities to have a choice and to grow every idea in natural way, being sure to realize each of it. According with so perfect environment…

...visible just out of my balcony:

I make writing by hands and by laptop so it`s different activities made my mind refreshed.

...many things comes easily that way.

I enjoy every moment and feel myself so  lazy, so slow, so relaxant. I am really wondering how I am able to wok. But in fact books are read, projects are developed and drawings are good to keep myself joyful and train my left hand.

I`ve just want to organize my time to be on my Office Rock till 12 AM, not later, than go to my room and work here, after 4 PM go to the sea, may be to Office Rock, may be to swim to the smallest beach on the left of the Liapades Bay. So the day seems interrupted by several anothers activities instead being 5-6 hours in swimming or on the OfficeRock, I was told it`s unhealthy thing to do so try to change it.

Also I fall in love to have an everning project work or painting on the beach. It needs something to protect papers and notebook from wind…

...and from gests:

The most difficult thing I still unable to support here is yoga. I failed my practice from my first day here and failing it till now. Hopes I will do it… AVRIO as Greeks sayes, it means tomorrow.




The Office Rock works!
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 22 July 2013 at 02:30 PM Comments(2)

One of the most important things in project wok is to organize own mind processes correctly. What`s the term "correct mind process" means is unclear and seems different to different people. I can tell you about my own.

It`s more easy for me to work with several pojects simultaneously, because it is normal state of human mind and needs just to be well organized. Our brain network is more powerful then best computers but it has many characteristics to work with. For example it needs to know how to construct input and output mind processes at the beginning, in several middle points and near the end of a work period. When I check a new idea interesting me, I becames vigilant if it starts a new mind mapping or not. As I realize a new mind mapping starts, a project seems to be prospective so I make several key notes ans let it be developed in my neuro netwok in natural way. To support such processes I use painting of something not so important but attractive and curious. So while my mind works inside, my eyes concentrates on outside objects.

On my Office Rock I was interested in it`s surface. Colours, shapes, natural curves. It was not something  specific but something important as a support of current mind mapping and who knows what more. Usually it is much more but it will be understandable later. The time I painted it I just did it.

Once I compared my current experiance with my previous I did last year, you can see my drawing of Corfu-2012 on the top of the picture below. Experience shows my feelings of shapes has changed from more smooth to more sharp, also it is different places with different kind of mountings so… what`s the conclusion about it? May be I will do it later, not now. Now this is just the observation , a new input data to my mind.

Once I realized the colours of the Office Rock is the same as human skin! Can you see it? It was the first insight about it, may be because the rock has obviously different features then human body.

The insight was a good result of that day so I fall asleep here and jumped to the crystal green water, felt it as a liquid emerald.



Ascendant, Descendant
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 21 July 2013 at 01:16 PM No comments

Hello everybody, while I am working on my new Holland Project I also enjoy the Corfu life with my dear friends Rob, Babette (Hollands), Anila ( Turkey living here, at Corfu) and many local Greeks. The sea becames calm and sweet, and so…

This is my Office Rock! Next post it will be project pictues I did being here, but for today I am so happy and full of joy so it seems ascendant to the heaven or vice versa, because here it is the earth, may be the best place in the world, so real, so close!

Hello from Corfu and from my Office-rock!
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 19 July 2013 at 12:33 AM Comments(1)

Hello everybody, eventually I gained Corfu and frrl like at paradise. Las day I even didn`t touch my laptop! Today it`s the Greek`s night so loud music everywhere and I spend my time to post something here.

Yesterday I was out and wanted to sleep only. Today it`s much more better, because everything here (except loud music) is so nice so I feel relaxation and peace. The weather is warm as usual, +29 C at the daytime, but water a little bit cold because of winds. Cold and very tansparent so today morning I decided to brought my things and swam to my favourite rock.

It`s about 500 m from the seashore, not far away to feel uncomfortable but far enough so nobody bother me.

The reason to found a quiet place is to try something new. Yesterday night I was found myself with a new poject which I call "Holland Project" so I wanted to describe several details using new environment. I brought a notebook A4 format, 2 albums fo drawing, watercolours and aquabrushes, one big paper to poject work, also pleer and camera. And a piece of saree to save myself from the sun.

The point is the "waterpoof" bag actully isn`t waterproof so my notebook and paper was wet with solt water. I tryed to dry it.

Then I cought myself with the pleasure to see my notebook solt by the sea so I drop it in the hole of the rock for a week to make it more experienced in natural water element. Also I dropped here everything nesessary to everyday on the rock - saree, sunblock oil, an ugly hat.

So not my favourite rock becomes my Office rock. I will be here not only for sleeping and jumping into the sea but also for poject work. At least no loud music here smile

Such a nice place, isn`t it?

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